DevTools Author

DevTools Author Settings

A selection of author settings for Chrome Developer Tools.

If you use DevTools as your frontend development environment, DevTools Author provides a small set of options to enhance your authoring experience.

Download from Chrome Web Store or View on GitHub

Enhance Your Authoring Experience

+25 Editor Themes


Custom Font Support

...10 12 14 16...

Font Size Adjustments

Your settings are saved automatically & persisted using Chrome cloud storage.

Getting Setup

  1. Install DevTools Author from Chrome Web Store
  2. Enable DevTools experiments in (copy below in to omnibox) chrome://flags/#enable-devtools-experiments
  3. Open DevTools (cmd + opt + I); Settings > Experiments > check Allow custom UI Themes.

/* A restart of Chrome is necessary for flags to take effect. */

/* After restarting DevTools, you should see the default theme 3024 take affect within the Elements, Sources and Console panels. */

/* Supports system enabled fonts (must be installed prior on your computer). */

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